FSBB30CH60 evaluation board

Finally, this is tested version for my power stage with smart 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge FSBB30CH60 from Fairchild. It was successfully tested with 1 kW induction motor. Hope, I will able to test it with larger motor with a new heat sink in meantime.

Main features:
– Fully integrated power stage: connect AC means, motor, PWM inputs and it works!
– Shunt current sensors for motor phases U and V (for vector FOC control)
– Control side is fully isolated: optically isolated PWM inputs and analog outputs
– Hardware short-current protection
– Hardware shoot-through current prevention
– LEDs for high voltage and control voltage
– Open hardware project with Eagle CAD sources

This is picture for previous version of board

Circuit image

And PCB image

PCB and circuit Eagle project is available at Github

You can also download U/f scalar control implementation with STM32VLDISCOVERY used for tests

Some components used in that board
– AC-DC power supply: KUUKO #090873 at Aliexpress, you need adjust feedback resistors for 15V output voltage
– IGBT module: FSBB30CH60F at Aliexpress

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