Voltage Logger with SD card

Just finished my new small project.
This is simple stand-alone voltage logger with SD card! No computer or tablet is required, cheap and easy to use tool.

– 8 input channels 0V to 3.3V,
– sample time: 0.5 ms … 5000 ms (5 sec), 0.2 Hz … 2 kHz,
– configurable calibration coefficients (zero and gain),
– configurable moving average filter for oversampling and resolution enhancement,
– all the settings are stored in configuration text file on the SD card.

Internal ADC is used for measurements and SDIO mode for SD card (FAT32 and up to 32Gb supported). This is open source and open hardware project: GitHub repository

Here is some test results for illustration of operation and measurement accuracy.

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New version of my incubator controller

I just finished new revision of my old project — the multi-purpose controller for incubator.
This open source and open hardware project with all material in GitHub:

The hardware is available to purchase at my Tindie store: https://www.tindie.com/products/akpc806a/incubator-controller-with-bluetooth-and-android-ap/

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My FPGA introduction for absolute beginners

Для просвещения трудящихся масс про что такое FPGA уже достаточно давно написал небольшую презентацию, где попытался показать это в картинках. Выкладываю в свободный доступ) Исходники примеров внутри
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FSBB30CH60 evaluation board

Finally, this is tested version for my power stage with smart 3-phase IGBT inverter bridge FSBB30CH60 from Fairchild. It was successfully tested with 1 kW induction motor. Hope, I will able to test it with larger motor with a new heat sink in meantime.

Main features:
– Fully integrated power stage: connect AC means, motor, PWM inputs and it works!
– Shunt current sensors for motor phases U and V (for vector FOC control)
– Control side is fully isolated: optically isolated PWM inputs and analog outputs
– Hardware short-current protection
– Hardware shoot-through current prevention
– LEDs for high voltage and control voltage
– Open hardware project with Eagle CAD sources
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